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– A Solid Maple Convertible Crib

This finely crafted piece of furniture will certainly be a keepsake and a bed designed to grow with our daughter as she grows. It is a crib first with four levels for the mattress support in order to adjust height. It coverts into a toddler bed once dropped to the lowest level. The front “footboard” comes off and a separate front is attached which has a toddler access with a half rail to prevent falling out. And finally it converts to a double bed when she gets large enough to use it.

I built this custom convertible crib for our daughter Aubrey in 2008 – you might say it was a labour of love.

It is made out of solid maple that was hand picked and milled from rough lumber down to the various components with utmost care and attention to detail. The charcoal stain was custom mixed to intentionally bring out the warm undertones and display the grain of the wood with it’s subtle details.

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