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– A Solid Pine Convertible Crib

Another finely crafted crib – this custom piece of furniture was created from both knotty and clear pine. Very similar to Aubrey’s Crib in design it is also a convertible crib with four easily adjustable height levels for the mattress support. Designed to grow with your child this is a solid crib, toddler bed, and double bed all in one.

Details of the crib components:

To elaborate on the original design it has 8 key components. The custom designed headboard is the constant piece as it stays on no matter what stage of the bed is assembled. The footboard is added for both the crib assembly and the double bed assembly. The spring mattress support stays on for both the crib and toddler bed setup and uses a standard size crib mattress perfectly with very little gap to ensure safety. The two tall, short sides go on for both the crib assembly as well as the toddler bed assembly in order to provide a nice secure place to sleep. The front is replaced with a separate toddler front when converting from a crib to a toddler bed and this front has a half-rail to prevent rolling out. And finally there are two long bed rails that are used when converting this bed into the final stage as a double bed.

This crib was inspired by the Mission style of furniture and incorporates clean lines, deep rich stain, and simple corbels.

The pine material for this project was once again hand picked for it’s character and worked to the various components with utmost care and attention to detail. The stain was custom mixed to intentionally bring out the warm undertones and display the grain of the wood with it’s subtle details.

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