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Tentree Custom Desks: A stylish mix of Maple and Walnut. Yum.

When the guys at Tentree asked us to fabricate some custom desks for their new office space we responded with a resounding “yes of course” and “we saw you on Dragon’s Den and we’re big fans!”

We love supporting local businesses as they grow and rock it. We’ve found that the feeling is always mutual and the local clients are always happy to spread the good word about our business as well. We’re a tight community of young professionals moving from our “starter” careers into our “passion” careers and we just love that vibe.

These desks have a very modern look. The apparent thinness of the desktop and monitor stand are contrasted by the bulk in the legs. We used reclaimed as well as sustainable forested materials for these to keep in tune with the Tentree brand and their environmental stewardship.

Custom desks are always a good mix of challenge and entertainment and the result is a great expression of functional and stylish furniture design.

The illusion of a balancing act is what makes these desks look really interesting.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and not under a tree you should check out Tentree if you haven’t heard of them yet. At the root of it, they will plant 10 trees for every item sold. They are so much more than that though. They wish to inspire our generation to adopt a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

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