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Burned, set ablaze, or charred – whatever you call it, it’s damn hot for sure!

The traditional technique in Japanese is called Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi.

We merely call this scorching or charring the wood in order to reduce the outer layer to charcoal. This technique not only darkens the wood by a somewhat natural means but it also brings out a richness that just isn’t attainable with dyes or stains. The wood is scorched by a mix of traditional technique as well as using various sizes of gas torches and maybe even a little “prairie fire” for good measure. We then rub it with wire brushes, taking off the most charred wood and embedding the grain with the ashes. This not only accentuates the wood grain but it also unlocks a natural beauty from within the wood.

This ancient technique of charring and coating the wood with an oil has it’s roots mainly in Japan where they used it primarily as an exterior finish. It was said to protect the cedar or cypress siding from weather, pests and rot for nearly 100 years.

The richness in tone and texture that we can get by utilizing this technique is nothing short of amazing and beautiful. There’s also a degree of mystique and danger when we say that we burn the table to give it new life.

Our clients in White City were very happy with this table and were surprised by how sturdy and heavy the frame and the table top are when using solid hardwood rather than the typical materials used in the throw-away cheap furniture that has become the standard these days. The rougher resawn texture adds to the style of the table top with it’s breadboard ends that borrow from the reclaimed farm table genre of furniture. With the bulk of the reclaimed oak legs, we created a timber trestle table style framework that has substantial presence when placed in a dining room.

Custom Table Regina Furniture - Scorched Shou-Sugi-Ban Custom Table Regina Furniture - Scorched Shou-Sugi-Ban Custom Table Regina Furniture - Scorched Shou-Sugi-Ban

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