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Origami: This modern walnut, glass and aluminum coffee table was called Origami by the original designer.

The complexity of the angles of cuts make this table truly unique.

I can’t tell you how challenging this table was… if the angles of the pieces were off by a fraction of a degree it would be a failure. Although not our own design, we were more than happy to fabricate this one for a special pair of clients.

This table sits on a sharp edge, the shape is 3/4 of a pyramid connected to an inverted mirror image of the same pyramid. The perfectly square glass sits atop another sharp edge while supported and secured by solid aluminum standoffs. Precision is certainly the name of the game with this custom piece of furniture.

When a furniture design as technically challenging as this comes our way we certainly don’t pass up the opportunity to figure it out no matter how many mockups we have to do (5 by the way).

And of course you can imagine our joy to know that our geometry classes were finally being put to good use.

modern coffee tablemodern coffee table

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