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– A Commercial Live Edge Slab Table


Made of an exotic Spanish Cedar called Amargo which grows to an impressive size but with a lighter size to weight ratio (relatively speaking for huge chunks of wood…).

This massive live edge slab was a commercial project for Farm Table, a quaint Bar & Grill in Earl Grey, Saskatchewan.

I can’t venture a guess as to how heavy this slab was and there were a few sketchy moments when trying to flip it over alone or even with a couple people doing the lifting! It is over 3″ thick and measured 3′ x 12′. The saw dust was an odd powdery yellow colour yet when finished the wood in this natural edge table has a wonderful depth of orange tones that we haven’t yet seen in another slab besides maybe Bubinga. Many can sit around this table, a very many have, and even more will partake in a beverage or two around this impressive piece.

Commercial Live Edge Table CountersFarm Table Saskatchewan

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