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A hefty maple live edge mantel with a knarly edge.

Our clients came to us with a couple of unique maple slabs they had sourced.

The slabs used in this project had a bit of a twist in them from improper drying but although they presented a bit of a challenge we managed to make it work. We even added a bowtie for added interest as well as to stabilize a “check” or crack in the slab from rapid drying and tension in the wood.

It was custom stained  to match the other woodwork in the house and turned out really well with a depth of colour that really accentuates the grain patterns as well as the texture in the live edge.

This live edge maple mantel really brings a great visual interest to the space and ancors the room very well.


live-edge_mantel-maple-custom04 live-edge_mantel-maple-custom03 live-edge_mantel-maple-custom02

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