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Endgrained Dining Table: This custom end grain butcher block dining table is made from solid walnut.

The legs are made from reclaimed timbers specifically picked for the dark weathered wood and bulky look to hold up this heavy tabletop.

This dining table was another one of those “labour of love” projects and spanned several months of on again, off again work. It started as a proof of concept for an in-depth look at how solid walnut end grain would work for countertops and tabletops. There’s actually a mix of top or long grain and end grain pieces so they expand and contract at various rates and we’re testing how the waterproof glue works and stands up to that expansion at opposing angles. It’s all standing up very well to the changes in humidity. The interesting thing is that over the entire width and length of the table it lost a 1/4″ from shrinkage over the course of nearly a year – we didn’t really expect this as the material was kiln dried and had very little moisture content. Good to know for future counter projects where fit is important!

Every single little knot or imperfection in the walnut was filled with epoxy resin for a sealed and very smooth surface. The final surfacing of the dining table was done with several coats of very durable low V.O.C. and food safe varnish.

The most interesting and functional design feature of this custom dining table is the inset granite pieces that act as built in trivits or hot pads for placing hot dishes on when serving.

The end grain is a labour intensive process for sure but the result is beautiful. The pieces of material were all cut from solid 8/4 walnut and then glued together in rows while trying to avoid repeating patterns. Those rows were then glued together and then the large blocks were glued together and finally the two halves were glued together. Definitely a lot of work.

The leg design for this table definitely had to be bulky enough to look correct when taking into account the sheer weight and visual bulk of the tabletop. The dark square insets on the top are echoed in the figured walnut square ends to the trestle with a dark through-tenon.

It’s another one of those amazing tables we poured our soul into so we can host hearty family dinners and game nights.

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