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Say hello to Douglas. He’s a bit of an odd character but he’s got some real endearing qualities. Better yet, he’s looking for a good home.


Now Douglas knows that he won’t fit in everyone’s home but he likes it that way. He’s a little weighty yet he carries it well and carries it high – almost like he’s puffing out his chest. He’s confident but don’t mistake that for being overly proud. He’s humble because he’s made from some pretty old wood.

You see, Douglas is made from old growth fir and that’s something you don’t see every day. He definitely show’s it well too and won’t shy away from showcasing his bold and tightly spaced rings.

Douglas has a warm heart made of Sapelle that almost shimmers in the right light. His legs are raw steel hair pins that will patina nicely and naturally over time.

He’s 26 1/4″ x 31 7/8″ as a footprint. His upper top is 5 3/4″ thick and he currently stands 33 1/2″ tall but could easily change his height if you think he would fit in better as a coffee table with 17″ inch legs.

If you would like to purchase Douglas please visit him here:

Reclaimed Wood Timber Console Table reclaimed-wood-timber-console-table-02

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