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Kelsey’s Movies: A fully custom, stylish and modern storage cabinet that can organize and showcase 1000+ movies and blue-rays.

When Kelsey came to us with this this design challenge there were several ideas on how we could pack as much good design and awesome entertainment into a small footprint while engineering a storage cabinet with very little wasted negative space. We also wanted to create a great way to allow for a clean and alphabetized rack with the flexibility to really pack the movies and games in there as the already substantial collection grows over time. The solution was to utilize heavy-duty slides and set up a rack system that can slide out when access was needed but tuck in tightly when closed. There are four double-sided slide out cases that hold more than 900 blue-rays  with extra storage shelves on either side and in the middle to showcase favorites, frequently played games or those special limited edition box-sets.

The name of the game with this project was to create a well thought-out and highly efficient storage solution with maximum capacity but a minimum footprint. The design had to fit in an already well decorated custom home without overpowering the space.

Since efficient organization was key with this project we made sure that the details were also very orderly. The design details of this project are quite interesting with an overall design style of both mid-century modern and asian influences. The entire cabinet from the profile of the cabinet to the use of the materials is symmetrical. Starting with the top we used a set of curly maple boards that we’ve been holding on to for a specific project like this – the grain of the wood continues from the left top to the right top. That same continuity of grain pattern is used throughout. Sets of bookmatched rails are used for each shelf run from the left of the cabinet to the middle and through to the right and around the end. There’s also a continuity of grain from one end panel to the next one above and below. It’s all well thought out and well laid out as it should be.

The front panels are also symmetrical from left side to right side. A cool feature of this cabinet is that it looks like it should open like a set of cupboard doors when it is actually a large vertical “drawer” pull out. Behind each set of double faux doors is a rack that holds 240 movies and of course they are all alphabetized now!

The over-sized pulls on the front are a really beautiful feature and one that we are super happy with – they really make the piece. Stylistically they add a nice Asian flare but functionally they feel great and could work for any application.

Like many of our projects, the finish on this cabinet is also a carefully considered element. The depth of the custom dark stain not only fits really well with the space but it showcases the grain in the wood beautifully. We managed the shades of stain to create the right contrast from one part to another and to create a comfortable visual weight.

Design and function really came together in this custom organization storage cabinet.

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