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This matching pair of rift sawn white oak executive desks feature thick solid wood desktops with beefy custom drawer handles and a rich dark stain.

To custom design a piece of functional furniture and just slap some mass-manufactured drawer pulls on it just doesn’t feel right. So these handles were fabricated from solid wood and cove cut to be ergonomic and sleek while accentuating the overall design of the desks.

Form and function are always important and so are fit and feel. So when custom pieces such as these desks are designed they are made to fit with the needs of our clients as well as fit within the space they were intended for – both physically as well as aesthetically. Where feel comes into play is when we consider the actual design and the angles, sizes and ratios that come into play. The drawers need to fit certain items such as medical document sized folders but they also need to fit with the size of the other drawers as well as the overall feel of the furniture’s design.

The self-closing drawer slide hardware was specifically chosen to consistently close to the same exact spots so that all the recessed drawer fronts would align consistently while being able to hold enough weight.

The custom pulls complete this design. Nothing commercially available would feel correct or accentuate the weight of the desks so we fabricated these bulky yet sleek and ergonomic pulls.

The dark-ish stain was a custom mix as are many of our finishes. The depth and warmth in the stain brings out the grain in the rift sawn white oak and makes it sing beautifully.

A Classic Custom Executive Desk A Classic Custom Executive Desk A Classic Custom Executive Desk

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