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Chef quality and the only other kitchen tool as sharp as your knife.

These chef boards are made from unique hand-picked local and exotic hardwoods.

This is another stylish way to incorporate some beautiful warm and functional art into your home or restaurant. We speak from experience that your meat, vegetables or (for you fancy types) charcuterie will look a cut above the rest when you are chopping or serving on one of these finely crafted chef boards.

What’s so unique about these chef quality cutting and chopping boards is that they are made from beautiful unique hardwoods that are, in themselves, small pieces of natural art – you won’t want to hide them away. You’ll keep these artisan boards on your counter.

The biggest and thickest version of these chef blocks are the oversized cutting boards or butcher blocks. Chopping boards are typically thinner, lighter and with a smaller footprint and of course a little more economical. Any of these could be considered serving boards and we may have some really unique live edge slabs that could be used to serve from.

Our mix of hardwoods have included: maple, walnut, sapele, ipe (ironwood), purple heart, and many other species.

Chef Quality Cutting Board Chef Quality Chopping Board

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