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This custom built barn door is made from solid walnut.

The renos in this client’s house have been extensive and included a pocket in the wall of the hallway that lent itself perfectly to installing a sliding barn door.

With a custom barn door you can bring an eclectic and functional element to any interior design. You could add a classic barn style door with authentic reclaimed wood or even a five-panel modern design with frosted glass inserts. Any door design style is sure to have impact. A custom barn door on rails and rollers will be that signature and unique piece that ends up being a real stylish touch to your home.

The main function for this barn door was to block sound from the rest of the house when our shift-working client was working nights and sleeping in the daytime.

This specific custom barn door was made from solid walnut in order to match the other woodwork and cabinetry as part of the client’s renovation project.

Barn Door Custom Built

Barn Door Custom Built

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