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Live Edge or Reclaimed Wood Tables

This live edge slab table was nicknamed “The Phoenix” and it is a prime example of how unique a tabletop made from natural walnut can be.

The figure in the wood grain is amazing. The union of two trunks created an amazing pattern that looks like wings. We don’t know the fate of the rest of this tree but we managed to secure two of these crotch slabs that measure nearly 4′ x 5′ and will make a couple amazing tables.

This custom conference table is made from rough-sawn reclaimed timbers.

The boards and timbers were specifically chosen for the large saw mill marks, the rough textures and the weathered grey tones. It’s certainly the type of table you can sit down at to make considerable decisions. This over-sized harvest style table is meant to have a significant presence and it certainly will dominate the room it is meant for.



To us, the beauty of every live edge slab is truly as unique as a fingerprint.

Not only do they look amazing but they offer a glimpse into the soul of the tree they came from. We pride ourselves on creating a unique and signature work of functional art for your home.

We often remark to our clients about how old that tree was and how we offer it the opportunity and the respect it deserves to live on and become something more. Whatever we create out of that natural edge slab will inevitably outlive all of us to become an heirloom to be enjoyed by generations.

Often the centerpiece of a home, our dining tables are beautiful to look at and even more enjoyable to sit at with your entire family and break bread. The warmth of a live edge walnut table seems to make that dinner and the company you have that much warmer.



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This massive live edge slab was a commercial project for Farm Table.

Made of a Spanish Cedar called Amargo which grows to an impressive size but with a lighter size to weight ratio (relatively speaking for huge chunks of wood…). The saw dust was an odd powdery yellow colour yet when finished the wood in this natural edge table has a wonderful depth of orange tones that we haven’t yet seen in another slab besides maybe Bubinga. Many can sit around this table, a very many have, and even more will partake in a beverage or two around this impressive piece.

Currently, we have several 2″ thick, 18″-36″+ wide and 10-12′ long walnut slabs in stock ready for an amazing dining table, coffee table or bench. They would work equally well as residential or commercial bar or countertops too. Base pricing is based on volume (boardfoot) measurements of the slab chosen.

Options are to purchase as rough sawn slab for your own DIY project or we also offer sanding/finishing service. Of course we can always custom design and fabricate your furniture or cabinet project.

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