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Unique Handcrafted Furniture

The business of Fine Hardwood Furniture Design & Fabrication.


We take on several projects per year and would like you to request the next signature piece.

Our Process

A little about commissioning custom projects – how the process works:

There are 3 key steps: consulting and design, material/hardware sourcing & fabrication, and delivery/install. These key steps, in most cases, work in conjunction with how billing is structured and broken into thirds. We discuss what you wish to have fabricated and we come up with a budget or estimate for what it will cost.

  • The initial third is for consulting and design and this is where we come up with a design we both love. It’s usually done in sketches and then in 3D so we have renderings of the project and we are all on the same page.
  • The next third is to initiate the fabrication and acquire all material, finishes, and hardware.
  • Then, of course, the last third is due upon delivery or install.

In some cases there is a price range specified instead of fixed cost in order to allow for a contingency plan (15-30%). This is in case there are things we come up with together in the design or material choices that wasn’t in the initial scope of the design – ie: we choose to use more expensive materials like ebony or gold leaf or the design becomes more complicated than initially discussed.

We’ve found that this approach works really well for cash-flow on a client’s end and also helps scheduling on the design and production end of things. Some commercial or corporate clients appreciate it because costs can be spread from one quarter to another or in the case of private clients it can be over the course of a couple months.

It also helps us both manage the pace of the project.

Given the nature of our craft and the extra time we spend on our clients’ woodworking projects we suggest you contact us well in advance of the projected date you wish to receive our work so that we can properly plan what you need as well as manage expected completion dates. We vow to never rush a project because the quality of our goods is of utmost importance.


Please feel free to contact us to chat about your custom project today!

Custom Woodwork Services

  • Custom Dining Tables
  • “Live Edge” or “Natural Edge” Slab Tables
  • Unique Coffee and End Tables
  • Console, Hallway & Sofa Tables
  • Dressers and Chest of Drawers
  • Benches, Stools and Chairs
  • Desks, Shelves & File Cabinets
  • Specialty Pieces (Beds, Cribs, Change Tables, Buffets, Bars, etc.)

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