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What is Worth Doing Well?

Our Furniture Design & Woodworking Speaks Volumes

At Worth Doing Well we pride ourselves with taking the time necessary to design and build our furniture and cabinetry to the utmost quality of our abilities. Our name captures the essence of what we wish to accomplish on a daily basis with our concept, design and craftsmanship of any furniture woodworking or cabinetry project we embark on. We’ve derived our name from the single most important rule we follow: “Anything Worth Doing Is Always Worth Doing Well.”


Why do we put so much effort into our work?

Quite simply it’s about leaving a legacy. We want to know that we have enhanced people’s lives with thoughtful attention to both form and function of the details in our custom furniture and cabinetry woodwork.

Whether you are looking for a woodworker & designer to create that custom designed piece of fine hardwood furniture to fit your decor or if you require custom cabinets that fit your needs – we’re positive you will be thrilled with the care and attention to detail we give every woodworking project.


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