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Environmental Practices

Efficiency & Sustainability Are Key

We believe that being one with your environment is key to many things including but not limited to happiness, success, & sustainability. This is why we keep in mind what we can do more efficiently and more eco-friendly in everything we do. If it suits the project we will try and find recycled or reclaimed materials or reuse what may already exist on site, from another project, or in our shop.

We aim to be most efficient with the new material we use so we plan the project and cut list as exact as we can so that we are able to order just enough material and so that there is very little waste. When we use glues with our joinery they are non-toxic, formaldehyde free, low VOC. We also try to use eco-friendly finishes whenever we can if it is suitable for the project. Among those major things we also do the little things around the home, office, and shop like using eco-friendly light bulbs, low flow toilets, and of course shutting off the lights. Although we admittedly use a fair bit of power for our tools it is in the plans for the future to move to wind or solar power.

If you are a client who wishes to have custom woodworking or carpentry completed for you and you wish to be as eco-friendly as possible then we will always be willing to work with you and put in that extra effort to be kind to the environment.

The mere fact that our pieces are not mass produced in factories and are designed to last for generations instills in us that we are doing more than a few things right.

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