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Our Clients Our Inspiration

Leaving A Legacy In Wood

Many of the custom woodworking or carpentry projects we work on are client inspired so we will often start with something that has caught your eye and ours. We listen to how you may describe the final piece of woodwork both visually and functionally.

Many of our clients often opt to leave the design and planning entirely in our hands. Regardless of how you would like us to approach the project we will always find the right combination of form and function in the completed woodwork.

We will always draw inspiration from you whether it is your active participation in the project or little details we gather in conversation with you. We draw inspiration from architectural style of your home, neighbourhood, or even the region in which you live. We love interior design so that is always a consideration for our inspiration as well. We are well versed in all of the architectural, woodworking and art styles that have come before us and our appreciation of those styles always seem to find their way into our carpentry or woodworking projects as well.

Of course we will always love the opportunity presented when a client says,
“I love your work. Surprise me.”

With any approach we take we aim to leave a mark – your legacy in wood.

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