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The Story of a Seasoned Designer
Turned Humble Woodworker

As a maker, designer and problem solver all my life I came to realize that good design is also timeless, or should be.

Through the thoughtful guidance of teachers, mentors, and parents alike I realized at an early age that I had a balanced whole brain approach to things. I embarked on an education that both showed me the “art in science and the science in art” that found me attending the Alberta College of Art and Design. With a degree in design and visual communications I worked in the graphic design and advertising arena for several years in a couple provinces and with clients big and small all over North America. As a designer and later a creative director I honed my skills in visual design, authentic story telling, and¬†orchestrated marketing informed by business strategy.

I also realized the impermanence of the projects I worked on in that field of expertise.

On a parallel timeline to what I could refer to as my “first career” another passion for woodworking developed over time. I had always created with my hands. I’ve both worked and played in many mediums besides digital. In my younger formative years art played an important role as a creative outlet that eventually turned passion into profession. The Bauhaus style school that was ACAD also allowed for a foundation in all sorts of artistic mediums as well as an understanding of how design is in every part of our lives. Design, good and bad, has played a role in all art movements, architectural styles, communications, education, and technological advancements. Good design is, in essence, successfully executed creative problem solving. As a maker, designer and problem solver all my life I came to realize that good design is also timeless, or should be.

To be honest I became frustrated with the notion that good design had an expiry date in the world of traditional advertising and digital media.

In my previous career as a marketer and strategist I played an important role in formulating successful game plans for many clients and in my current career I am now able to formulate a game plan and market for my own company. A few of my most successful clients and projects when in advertising were home builders, real estate companies, renovators and land developers. My experience and observations during their successes and challenges has given me valuable insight in parallel industries to my own.

The passion to create and solve problems has been the baseline to my evolution as a designer and craftsman. I made the conscious decision to transition to a medium that is, in itself, more permanent. Wood is timeless and almost mystical, it is grounding and represents life. A good deal of the wood that I use as a woodworker is even older than myself. To be able to pay respects to what many who have referred to as the “Soul of a Tree” and to breath new life into something that has played a role in filtering the air we also breath is very rewarding. And of course there is a legacy factor that can’t be denied.


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